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SAIG Competencies

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Sound Design.  Whether you are working on social  science or rocket science, we can create the study or experimental design to achieve your research objectives. We can maximize information given your resources with sound design.

Appropriate Analytics.  How do I demonstrate statistical significance? What do I do with my non-normal data?  Logistic regression or tree model? Text mining? Bayesian or frequentist? We can sort these issues out by collaborating on appropriate analytics.

Intelligent Interpretation. So, you have statistical results and you are ready to publish or report to your sponsor. You ask: What is the proper way to communicate my conclusions? What visuals support my data analysis? We’ve got your back with intelligent interpretation.

Growth. Onward and upward with SAIG. Sound statistical design, appropriate analytics, and intelligent interpretation are key elements in producing your best proposals and publications. Partner with SAIG and the sky is the limit on your research growth.