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Client-Statistical Collaborator Agreement

Services provided by our collaborators are contingent on compliance with the terms below. There is no charge for our services, but clients are limited to 10 hours of assistance per semester. Exceptions to the 10-hour policy may be made for projects in which joint publications are being pursued or for those with potential for future collaborative research.

Client Agreements:

  • I will provide 24 hours notice to all parties if I must cancel a meeting or arrive late for any reason. Failure to provide this notice will result in forfeiture of statistical collaboration privileges for the remainder of the semester.
  • To make the most of my time with my statistical collaborators I will come prepared to the first meeting with clearly defined research goals and questions, research papers that may assist the collaborators in solving my problem, and the results of any analyses already performed—including plots or graphs.
  • I understand that many problems cannot be solved in just one meeting and am prepared to meet several times with the statistical collaboration team if needed.
  • I understand that I am limited to 10 hours of assistance per semester. I also understand that this 10-hour time limit is not limited to time in meetings but also includes time that my statistical collaborators spend working on my project outside of meetings. This typically results in approximately 3 meetings. I also understand that if I need more assistance, co-authorship opportunities must be explored. For more information about the 10 hour limit, please see this FAQ.
  • I understand that statistical collaborators primarily provide advice and assistance for my project and do not typically clean or format data for clients.
  • When appropriate I will give feedback regarding my experience with my statistical collaborators (you will be emailed a link for submitting feedback).
  • I understand that I cannot receive for assistance on class projects or homework.

Statistical Collaborator Agreements:

  • We will notify all parties involved at least 24 hours in advance if we must cancel a meeting or arrive late.
  • We will provide assistance in a timely manner to our clients.
  • We will advise clients on appropriate analyses for their data and assist in performing the analyses as time allows.
  • We will discuss with the client any statistical assumptions made and the potential drawbacks of the analyses.
  • We will attempt to explain the statistical methods used in terms the client understands.