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Categorical Data Analysis in JMP

Course Date: 3/23/2022

Who This Course Is For

Categorical data arises in many fields through a variety of studies. In many cases it can be analyzed with simple methods and basic point-and-click software. We will discuss some common methods of analyzing and plotting categorical data with the statistical software platform JMP


Duration:  2 hours

Course Dates: 3/23/2022

Venue: Virtual & Torg 3310

Required Software:  JMP software

Cost: Free to VT Participating Colleges and Administrative Units

Pre-requisites:  No previous coding experience is required.  Knowledge of basic descriptive statistics is assumed.

Prework includes downloading course materials and JMP software.

The following topics will be covered:


  • Simple JMP commands needed for categorical analysis
  • Basic categorical data plots Checking assumptions with plots and tests
  • One- and two-variable chi-square tests Fisher’s exact test


This is a hands-on, interactive course where you will submit pre-written code followed by exercises where you write your own code based on examples.  You will leave with code that you can apply to your datasets.