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Course Date: Course Not Offered This Semester

Who This Course Is For

Do you have data that includes a continuous response, but want to test the differences between different levels of a categorical predictor? Performing an ANOVA may be appropriate. What if you have more than one categorical predictor or also have a continuous predictor variable? In the SAIG Short Course ANOVA in JMP, we will cover several varieties of ANOVA, a common statistical procedure.



Duration:  2 hours

Course Dates: Available On Demand

Venue: Self-paced

Required Software:  JMP software

Cost: Free to VT Participating Colleges and Administrative Units

Pre-requisites:  No previous coding experience is required.  Knowledge of basic descriptive statistics is assumed.

Prework includes downloading course materials and JMP software.

By the end of this course you will be able to:


  • Understand when using ANOVA is appropriate
  • Check ANOVA assumptions
  • Fit a one-way ANOVA model
  • Fit  a two-way ANOVA model
  • Interpret interactions
  • Fit an ANCOVA model


If you have not yet installed JMP, here’s how to get it: